[ale] aplay runs amok

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Wed Feb 25 06:13:26 EST 2004

Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> On my Mandrake 9.1/KDE machine, aplay seems to take the CPU to 100% even
> though it's not doing anything.  I can kill it but it restarts after a
> few minutes.  I can't tell what I might be doing to make this happen,
> but nothing less than a restart of KDE seems to be required to make it
> stop and stay stopped.  Anyone know what causes this?

I wasn't aware of the toy, but I just fired it up with a wav file, no 
problems.  Are you saying it's just running without being invoked?

I don't see any kind of daemon option, I don't know why it would be 
running without being invoked.

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