[ale] Distro Question -- State of the Linux Nation

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Wed Feb 25 05:46:09 EST 2004

Eric VanWieren wrote:

> My question for you is, has anyone else felt the same way about the 
> state of the linux world? That most of the larger distros have gotten 
> away from their roots, and are now moving on to please the masses?

I find this a bit confusing.  If all the distros were moving on to 
please the masses, would they not be all 'morphing' the same direction? 
  The fact that the various distros modify various packages to have a 
unique look and feel is a good thing.  Where would we if everything 
looked the same?  Why have multiple distros?  It is through this type of 
change that things get better.  Having choice is good.

And, as you've noted, there's always Slackware, the pure distro, which 
is still one of my favorites.

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