[ale] 802.11g

Keith Hopkins hne at hopnet.net
Tue Feb 24 02:44:32 EST 2004

Alexander Barton wrote:

> I recently got a laptop and I'd like to get into this new wireless 
> thang.  I've poked around FAQs and such, and it looks like 802.11b is 
> doable.  But, given a choice, I think I'd much prefer 802.11g.
> So, has anyone gotten any 802.11g hardware to work under Linux?

I have a Linksys WPC54G running with ndiswrapper under 2.4.24.  Works 
fine.  I'm not using WEP/WPA, but it should support both.  The real pain 
was getting the "installed" copies of the MS-WinXP drivers unpackaged to 
use with ndiswrapper (I don't have a XP box).

Found in Sydney,

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