[ale] Debian. Grr.

Stephen Touset stephen at touset.org
Mon Feb 23 15:48:20 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-22 at 02:59, Joe Knapka wrote:
> Then I get into tasksel and/or dselect, and I
> invariably press some wrong key that causes it to start installing
> stuff before I've managed to select what I want to be
> installed. Oopsie, abort, run base-config, drat, have to scan all
> those bloody CDs again...  It's really a drag. 

Why abort? Just install the other things you want later. You can always
uninstall/install whatever the hell you want whenever you want.

And if you don't like dselect, do an `apt-get install aptitude`. It's
much, much nicer.

> Do I *really* need to let it scan every CD every time?

There doesn't need to be a time other than the first one. If you screw
up in dselect, let it finish, and you can always go back into it.

Stephen Touset <stephen at touset.org>
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