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> Download and try Libranet (the free version).  I am in the middle of a
> massive switch to Debian and I am stuck by the ease of installation and
> Libranet has the easiest install. I mean I am awestruck.  Much easier than
> the plain vanilla install.

The box I was trying to install Debian and Libranet on had a hard
drive on the verge of death; that was the source of most of my
grief. Swapped out the HD, did another Libranet install, and poof,

I have to agree with your opinion of the Libranet install process. It
even detected my off-brand multisync monitor, which *no* other distro
I've tried has ever done! (Perhaps Debian would have done so as well,
but I tried Libranet first after switching HDs.)

Now to figure out this apt thing...

-- Joe

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