[ale] [OT] GAIM: perplexed.

Chris Ricker kaboom at gatech.edu
Mon Feb 23 09:44:07 EST 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Joe Knapka wrote:

> So I'm wondering... what now?  Do any of you/you all/y'all/youse/y'uns
> use any form of IM regularly? How does one hook up with folks? I'm
> lost in a sea of wondering what the heck GAIM is good for...

If you're on t-mobile, you can get a sidekick, which has an AIM client and
an SSH client. I'm evaluating using those, and doing status alerts over AIM,
so when you get a page you can ssh on the console and find out why.... Other 
than that, I find IM annoying and a poor substitute for email.


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