[ale] Debian. Grr.

Ray Knight audilover at atlantabroadband.com
Mon Feb 23 02:54:18 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-22 at 16:33, Jim Popovitch wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-02-22 at 14:39, James Sumners wrote:
> > I realize that he only has a base system running. That also more than likely
> > means he is more than likely running the 'stable' branch of Debian. 
> Afaik, there is no CD install of testing.
> > Installing
> > anything with official stable apt sources will not destablize the installation -
> > that is why it is called "stable". So, doing 'apt-get install aptitude' will not
> > break his system and will give him an easier tool to use than dselect.
> doing 'apt-get install <anything>' on a fresh install of stable will d/l
> LOTS of stuff.  Afaik, aptitude is NOT available for stable (please
> correct me if I am wrong) and therefore the best thing this guy can do
> is install stable upgrade to testing (if he so desires) then use dselect
> or apt-get to install apps.  However if all he wants is to install one
> or more apps after a fresh base install, dselect (based on unanimous
> advice from the Debian developers) is the way to go.
> I am not a Debian developer, I can only relay what they have
> continuously stated to me an others over the years.
> -Jim P

I hate deselect with a passion.  I have also installed Debian 3.0
(Woody) many times on 3 different architectures (m68k Macintosh, PPC
Macintosh and SGI Indy).  I always skip dselect when installing.  After
the initial install has completed, I run 'apt-get install aptitude' and
use aptitude for any additional package selection.  To me it's the only
sane way!

Ray Knight <audilover at atlantabroadband.com>

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