[ale] [OT] GAIM: perplexed.

Joe Knapka jknapka at kneuro.net
Sun Feb 22 01:34:06 EST 2004

I just installed GAIM, because by new cellphone has AIM built in, and
I wanted to see if it worked, so I had to have an AIM account; and
once I had that, installing GAIM on the laptop seemed like a natural
step. (The AIM on the phone appears to work, I was able to send
messages to myself from the phone and receive them on the laptop. It
was strangely cool, though agonizingly slow. I hear there are kids who
can type thirty or forty words a minute on a phone...)

So I'm wondering... what now?  Do any of you/you all/y'all/youse/y'uns
use any form of IM regularly? How does one hook up with folks? I'm
lost in a sea of wondering what the heck GAIM is good for...


-- Joe Knapka

P.S. Regex challenge: shortest expression that matches all and only
mainstream + colloquial English forms of (plural) "you" :~)

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