[ale] Knoppix 3.3 problem

Chris Coleman ChrisColeman at mail.clayton.edu
Fri Feb 20 16:50:06 EST 2004


I have a laptop with Win2k and Fedora Core1 configured for dual booting. I stored a knoppix 3.2 configuration file and persistent home directory on the Fedora partition. When I boot from the Knoppix 3.3 CD, I use the codes: knoppix myconfig=/dev/hda2 home=/dev/hda2. Everything works okay until I back into Fedora. Once booted in Fedora, I quickly find out that knoppix 3.3 changed the ownership of all my files to 1000. Therefore, I can't login as a user. I can log in as root and then I have to fix all the permissions and ownership problems.

Has any seen this? 

Chris Colema

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