[ale] [OT] really stupid wireless questions

J.M. Taylor jtaylor at onlinea.com
Fri Feb 20 13:45:48 EST 2004

What's the easiest/chepest way to integrate a wireless notebook into an 
existing wired network?  Replace the existing switch with a 
switch/wireless base station?  

Also, anybody know how easy it is to allow an authorized user to jump from 
one wireless network to another if those networks have been properly 
secured?  Unfortunately I'm dealing with WinXP here. The user in question 
will need to regularly (and seamlessly) move from one network to another 
with absolutely minimal pain.  And I know *nothing* about wireless except 
what I've read about securing a wireless network on SANS and others.


Jenn Taylor
jtaylor at onlinea.com

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