[ale] Linux Security article

J.M. Taylor jtaylor at onlinea.com
Fri Feb 20 13:40:06 EST 2004

This is a succinct article about the value of transparency in Open Source 
that may help.  


It's not a stunning piece of writing, but it sums up the most common 
arguments nicely.

I found the next link very interesting about the need for transparency 
(not necessarily open source, which is a phrase that tends to produce knee-jerk 
reactions) in complex software.  This really, really struck a chord with 
me as a programmer, but if you go on to the next page the author sums up 
nicely why it is important to have transparency as opposed to the head-down-and-growling 
possessiveness of Microsoft and others.  I don't think it will help your 
linux-security-open source argument, but it is a different perspective on 
something that's not quite so hot-button.

happy reading

Jenn Taylor
jtaylor at onlinea.com

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