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Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at
Fri Feb 20 13:33:42 EST 2004

On Friday 20 February 2004 11:23AM, Michael D. Hirsch wrote:
>On Friday 20 February 2004 12:53 pm, Crawford Rainwater wrote:
>> The only 802.11g that is working under Linux is via the Atheros chipset
>> and drivers via the MadWiFi project on SourceForge.  These are typically
>> tthe mini-PCI 802.111a/b/g that are coming with laptops these days
>> (e.g., my ThinkPad R50p has one).
>There are at least two projects out that make it possible to run the windows 
>drivers in Linux.  One is a commercial product, the other open source.  I 
>haven't used either.

The Atheros and MadWiFi deal is native Linux 802.11g for clarification.  

I am aware of the ndiswrapper project as well that will take a M$ Windoze
driver and port it to Linux as well, but have heard mixed reports on that
from the peanut galleries out there.  This was posted in /. a while back as
well for more details (I think it is also a SourceForge project too).

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