[ale] shell scripting baby questions...

Keith Morris - IQ keith at iqtv.com
Fri Feb 20 10:55:30 EST 2004

let me start out by saying thanks for all the help you all have been to 
me in the past (both directly and indirectly).  thanks.

I'm starting out will shell scripting (so new I'm still wet behind the 
ears) and am writing my first really useful script.  I am using 
BitDefender free command line virus scanner to scan for virii and 
working on a script to automate the process to put into a cron job.  the 
basic functionality is working except for the checking to see if any 
virii were detected.  I'm not clear on the string/binary operators in 
the if statement and can't get it to work out correctly.

If someone has time and would be willing to look at this script and 1. 
help me get the virii log detection working, and 2. possibly show me a 
couple of hints to make this more efficient.  Thanks.

--- start script ---

# Script to run BitDefender nightly and report
# the full scan as well as create an infected
# file report

# file and path variables
reportTime=`date +%y%m%d_%H%M%S`;

# update virus defs
/opt/bdc/bdc --update;

# run virus scan with logging
/opt/bdc/bdc --arc --disinfect --log=$logPath/$logName $dirToScan;

# list all found infected files into an infected log
cat $logPath/$logName | grep infected: > $logPath/$infectedLogName;

# find out if there were any found infections
infectionsDetected=`cat $logPath/$infectedLogName | wc -l`;

# if no virii were detected, deleted infected log file.
# *!!! this ain't workin' !!!*

  if [ $infectionsDetected eq "0" ]
    rm -f $logPath/$infectedLogName

# tar and gzip the scan logfile and remove the uncompressed log
tar -czf $logPath/$LogName.tgz $logPath/$infectedLogName;
rm -f $logPath/$logName;

--- end script ---
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