[ale] rsync and big file systems

Jonathan Glass jonathan.glass at ibb.gatech.edu
Thu Feb 19 20:11:48 EST 2004

David Hamm wrote:

>Has anyone had experience with rsync and large file systems?  The file system 
>in question is around 80Gigs with thousands of tiff files.  We would like to 
>set up two identical servers and have the secondary server rsync with the 
>primary each night over gigabit Ethernet.  At most only about 100 megs of new 
>files would be changed per day.  Any thoughts or experiences?
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I've done this a few times.  Things go a little slowly on the initial 
transfer, but then things go fairly well.
In fact, the time i was running it, I was rsyncing over 140GB of data 
between two fileservers, in preparation for a switch.  Worked flawlessly.

If you're going to do this over a public network, be sure to check 
rsync's -e option.
  rsync -a -e ssh user at host:/path/to/source /path/to/destination

Jonathan Glass

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