[ale] New Toy: Old Zip Drive

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Thu Feb 19 16:48:38 EST 2004

Nathan J. Underwood wrote:
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> I saw this and had to giggle a little bit.  I have a client who has ALL
> of her images on Zip disks, and swears by them.  I had 3 old Zip100
> drives tucked away (not quite sure why).  I couldn't believe it when I
> was able to mount it and get the data off of it!!

I used to buy mac formatted disks, as they were actually cheaper at some 
shops because they couldn't get rid of them.  They didn't have a clue 
that all you had to do was fdisk/mkfs (fdisk/format).

I also was able to recover some art work that was done by a contractor 
on a mac.  I mounted the mac zip on my Linux box and was able to pull 
the data off because Linux supported that file system.  Sweet..

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