[ale] New install of SuSE

Preston Boyington PBoyington at polyengineering.com
Thu Feb 19 16:38:42 EST 2004

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> From: Chris Fowler 
> This may be flamebait but the "community" part of Fedora Core 
> scares me.

yup, it's flamebait... ;)

lol, just the opposite for myself.  i don't do "big" stuff, but i network small office's (real estate companies and such) and setup their linux workstations.  on those i use Debian (possibly the flagship "community" distro).

> We spend a lot of time getting a distribution to work with our
> development environment.  If it is not backed by a commercial
> organization we may experience problems in the future.  We may not.
> Who knows.  

agreed that a "name" distro helps with some clients, but i think "community" distro's (like Debian) will be around long after the corporate market swallows the "names" or they decide to drop your product, support, etc...

> I'm loading SuSE via FTP and will give it a try.  If I do not like it
> then I'm going to load Fedora Core #2.

I like SuSE for the most part.  granted i haven't used it much, but from what i have seen it seems like a nice piece of work.

> I might want to begin downloading ISO's just in case ;)

you shouldn't have a problem with SuSE fitting your needs.

...although there is always Debian ;)


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