[ale] OT: Running computers in an older home (read oldercircuitry)

Dan Lambert danlambert at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 19 15:27:03 EST 2004

In (I think, if memory serves me well) 1984, Atlanta/Fulton County went to a
200 amp minimum service size for new construction, and anything that was
upgraded after that is supposed to meet that code requirement.

Dan Lambert

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> John,
> It probably depends on how big the service is.  It's possible the service
> was only 30-60 amps when the house was built.  An absolute minimum for
> today is 100.  Since you mentioned it has circuit breakers, I
> suspect they
> might have upgraded the service (hope so) when the built the
> addition.  If
> your electrical usage is small (gas hot water and oven, for instance) you
> will be able to get by with 100 amp service.  But if it is an all
> electric
> house, I'd factor upgrading to 200 amps into your budget soon.
> As far as
> computing equipment is concerned, unless you're going to run some big
> servers, like a rack's worth.  Don't worry about it.  All that stuff will
> hang off of a standard 15 A circuit without any trouble. I run 3
> computers,
> modem, vpn, router, printer, scanner, a ham radio station consisting of a
> 12V 20A power supply, a 100 W output transceiver, an antenna rotator, a
> desk lamp and a 600 watt amplifier from one 15 A circuit.  I think that's
> all. 8)
> Simply put, supplying your computer shouldn't be a big deal.  If it is,
> then you've got bigger problems.
> Jim.

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