[ale] New install of SuSE

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Thu Feb 19 15:04:44 EST 2004

Christopher Fowler wrote:
> I'm installing a new box tonight and am debating about not using RedHat
> 9.  My main concern is that I'll have to apply too many updates to bring
> it up to today's level and eventually it will be deprecated.  I'm
> thinking of installing SuSE 9 but I guess the only way to do it is via
> an internet install.  That is no problem.  

You can find boxed sets of SuSE 9 around town, Microcenter, Borders (yes 
the bookstore).

> My question is how does the two compare.  Will I have issues if I do
> SuSE now since I'm so used to RedHat?  Is there anything I need to look
> out for?  I'm not afraid of the install process.  I've install Linux
> many times.  I just do not want to have to ramp up on the new disti
> because I need to get this box in the field by the morning.

You not likely find a lot of differences that will cause you heartburn. 
Lean on Yast for updates, installation and such and you should be fine.

> All I really need is Perl, Apache, net-snmp, and MySQL.  I'm sure these
> will be part of the default SuSE install.

I don't know that you'll get that with a default install, but you can 
easily add what you need after the install via yast.

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