[ale] OT: Running computers in an older home (read oldercircu itry)

John Cole JohnC at LGEFCU.org
Thu Feb 19 14:32:47 EST 2004


Here's my $.02:

At @lanta.Con (www.atlantacon.org) in 2001 there was a mis-wired junction in
the portable wiring that was run to facilitate the various tables where
computers could be setup/networked/etc.  They had Neutral/Ground both loose
and whenever somebody accidentaly stood on the flexible alumininum conduit
which the wires were run in, the Neutral/Ground became floating.  It fried a
PS quite good (sadly the pics aren't online at the moment).  It also arced,
burned dust and blew smoke out of another.  Another person's computers just
kept rebooting at the time.  All 4 computers were on one of those wood
laminate folding tables.

Just a warning about stuff like that.

oh, btw,  In a relative's old house, there is a line that instead of being
110H-N, 110H-G, 0N-G it is ~50H-N, ~50H-G, ~0N-G.  Strange, very strange
(also explains why nothing works when you plug it in there).  Perhaps
someday we'll have the money to rewire the house (it still has post & tube

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