[ale] OT: Running computers in an older home (read oldercircuitry)

Greg Freemyer freemyer-ml at NorcrossGroup.com
Thu Feb 19 14:13:11 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 13:33, Dan Lambert wrote:
> If you do this, Greg, you can create a current loop that can create all
> kinds of grief for sensitive electronics. Truly enough, the ground and
> neutral are tied together at the service entrance or at the main circuit
> breaker panel, but this is the only place they should be common. In fact to
> do otherwise violates the NEC, and if a fire were to occur, the insurance
> company could void their coverage and refuse to pay the claim.
> Dan Lambert

With my scheme...

If two pieces of equiment were plugged into seperate outlets which had
slightly different voltage for "ground" and the cases touched there
could be a current loop.

As you say that does not happen with a single nuetral to ground
connection at the breaker box.

I had not thought of that.


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