[ale] New install of SuSE

Christopher Fowler cfowler at outpostsentinel.com
Thu Feb 19 14:04:24 EST 2004

I'm installing a new box tonight and am debating about not using RedHat
9.  My main concern is that I'll have to apply too many updates to bring
it up to today's level and eventually it will be deprecated.  I'm
thinking of installing SuSE 9 but I guess the only way to do it is via
an internet install.  That is no problem.  

My question is how does the two compare.  Will I have issues if I do
SuSE now since I'm so used to RedHat?  Is there anything I need to look
out for?  I'm not afraid of the install process.  I've install Linux
many times.  I just do not want to have to ramp up on the new disti
because I need to get this box in the field by the morning.

All I really need is Perl, Apache, net-snmp, and MySQL.  I'm sure these
will be part of the default SuSE install.


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