[ale] OT: Running computers in an older home (read older circuitry)

Dan Lambert danlambert at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 19 12:15:23 EST 2004

Go  ahead and have him install two dedicated circuits with grounded
receptacles. You know what your current use is, but you don't know whether
you'll be needing additional service for other components in the future.
It'll cost a lot les to have him run two at the same time than to have him
come back and add another circuit later.

Dan Lambert

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> Guys,
> My wife and I have found a house here in Greensboro we really
> like, but I have a few concerns.  The house is approx. 54 years
> old, with an addition on the back that's approx. 15-20 years old.
>  The addition has grounded, three prong outlets, but the front
> portion of the house, where my "office" would be, have the older
> two pronged, non-grounded outlets.
> On a given day, I run a 120 mhz firewall/router, a 900 mhz
> Athlon, a 2200XP+ Athlon (1800mhz) with a lot of components, and
> a 2.0 Ghz laptop pretty much 24/7.
> What are the concerns with going into a house like this with my
> power usage?  I do know that it's on a circuit breaker
> system...not fuse box.  And I plan on having an electrician come
> in a replace one outlet with a grounded, dedicated circuit so my
> computers will all plug into this outlet.
> Anything I'm missing or not considering?  I've never purchased a
> home with old wiring so I'm a little wary, but we're probably
> putting an offer in today.  I know that grounding all outlets in
> the house will probably be pretty darned expensive, so if I don't
> have to, I don't want to!
> Let me know asap if you have any comments/suggestions.  Thanks guys!
> John
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