[ale] Programming I2C communication

Larry Richardson larryr2 at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 19 11:26:05 EST 2004

Looks like this page has the basic info, even has sample Linux code for 
directly accessing the parallel port (haven't tried any of it myself, 
just googled the page)...


Hope this helps,
Larry Richardson

Rene Rasmussen wrote:
> Hello,
> I have started to do some programming in Linux. Well I'm trying to anyway. 
> The thing is this. I have an eeprom that I want to read and write to. How
> would you go about doing that?
> I have found some code using google but it's all for dos/windows. I have
> tried to change it to work in Linux but the eeprom won't give me an
> acknowledge.
> I have this hardware thing connected to the parallel port which should be
> able to communicate to the eeprom. It's the standard "bit-banging" hardware
> described on the Philips homepage.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ren?
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