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Michael H. Warfield mhw at wittsend.com
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On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 07:41:54AM -0500, Robert L. Harris wrote:

> Following a conversation on the debian-user list it seems comcast is now
> giving out IPv6 addresses on their cablemodems....

	Could you provide a pointer to that thread.  I've been unable to
find it in the archives.  Better yet, if you could point me to more
information on Comcast and IPv6, that would be appreciated.  I need
to add that information to my IPv6 presentations.

	I wonder if, now that they are going to be giving IPv6 addresses
(host or subnet or net?) on the cablemodems, they're going to start
recognizing and realizing that they've actually HAD IPv6 on their networks
for years.  :-)

> For those wanting to set up a Tunnel to mess with feel free to email me
> (or the list)  or I can be found on #Debian (On freenode) or as "Nomad_"
> on Effnet, feel free to mesg directly.

> If you want to start poking around I'd suggest getting a tunnel from
> Unixcore.com or HE.net (Unixcore has been more stable for me).  For some
> advanced reading check out:

	Hurricane Electric (he.net aka tunnelbroker.net) has been very
stable for me.  I've also used Freenet6 up in Canada, but they're "6bone",
3ffe::/16, and 6bone is scheduled for decomissioning over the next several
years.  You can get a /64 from tunnelbroker.net just by filling in the form.
You can get a /48 from them by asking, but it needs to be set up manually
and they want a reason for requesting a full network (I had dozen or so
subnets already so Mike Tindle over there happly provided me with a full /48).
Don't got to he.net, though.  That's their general service page and you'll
have to squirel around a bit to find the IPv6 stuff.  Just go straight to
tunnelbroker.net and you'll bypass all that.

	Unixcore is over in Europe.  There is also SixXs over there (plus
others).  Both seem to have POPs all over Europe but none here in the US.
SixXs has been promising a pop in NY, but I haven't heard word that it's
operational yet.  SixXs also provides Web proxying from IPv6, so you can
get to an IPv4-only site by appending sixxs.net to the URL, so slashdot.org
would be http://slashdot.org.sixxs.net.

	The tunnelbrokers in Europe seem a bit slow to me compared to
Hurricane Electic in California.  I've been very pleased with my performance
through them.  In fact, right now, it seems that I'm getting BETTER
performance to SixXs over IPv6 than IPv4.  There are a couple of global
IPv6 backbones (Verio has one) so I'm crossing the Atlantic over one
of the IPv6 backbones and that seems snappier than going straight
IPv4 to either Unixcore or SixXs (which seems really sluggish this

	If you know of any NA presence for Unixcore.com, I would love
to have that too.  I can't seem to be able to pull anything of significance
from there web site at this time.

> http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Linux+IPv6-HOWTO/
> http://www.tdoi.org/
> http://www.ipv6.aorta.net/
> http://steinbeck.ucs.indiana.edu:47401/

	One of my favorite IPv6 sites is IPv6 Style:


	The site is in english and has lots of news articles, technical
articles, tutorials, and howtos.

	Linux specific, there is also the site DeepSpace6:


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