[ale] Dual display & gdm

James Kinney jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Tue Feb 17 13:42:24 EST 2004

Don't use gdm. Login to a console screen and startx --config <config file>
after you make the 2 config setups you need. Make those configs local to
your home dir.

Double check that --config flag from the man pages.

> Hi folks,
> I got my thinkpad working with LCD + external monitor.
> Everything is great except I need to edit X config every time I go
> without CRT and every time I connect it up.
> I see in gdm one can choose the "session"  -  gnome, kde, etc ... is
> their a way create 2 sessions their for different server configs in X ?
> Or with a flag to turn on or off xinerama ?
> Thanks,
> Tomas
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