[ale] Debian sarge...slow dns lookup

Keith Morris - IQ keith at iqtv.com
Mon Feb 16 11:47:20 EST 2004

Hi all.  I have Debian Sarge and Sid installed on a couple of machines 
at home and am having the identical problem on both of them.  When 
connecting to the web, the status bar says "Resolving www.somesite.com" 
then after 5-7 seconds, it connects fine and proceeds only to have the 
same problem when I go to another domain.  It does not do this from 
Fedora, Suse, or Windows.

Upon googling, there was some rumble about ipv6-to-ipv4 translation and 
slow dns lookups, but nothing solid.  I would try disabling ipv6 
translation to test this, but have NO idea how to do this (google'd for 
that too).

Any insight on this problem would be most appreciated.

Keith Morris
Creative Director
Design / Effects
IQ televison group

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