[ale] Backup/Restore Question

Robert Heaven robertheaven at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 16 10:57:15 EST 2004

For years I've been running backups in /etc/crontab (running as a
"non-root" user and logging in using authorized_keys) that look like

nice tar -czpf  -  /usr/data | ssh user at storagehost "cat  -  >

My question is: I've never had to do a restore and I was wondering what
the inverse of this would be? My first guess would be to log into the
storagehost and do something like this:

cd /raid/backup
cat user_data.tgz | ssh user at firsthost tar -xzpf  - 

The only problem I can see with this is, it will untar in the user's
home directory. Is there a better solution? 

I was reading the man page and it looks like I might solve my problem by
using "tar -czpPf" when creating the backup. Would I also need to use
-xzpPf in the restore?

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