[ale] CVS and Eclipse

Mazukna, Tomas Tomas.Mazukna at delta.com
Mon Feb 16 10:01:56 EST 2004

I just set up cvs on my server.
Added cvs location to eclipse (after multiple tries).
Now when I try to "share" the project from eclipse I am getting an
"cannot make path to /var/lib/cvs/ss.com/EasySched: Permission denied"

Cvs is started with --allow-root=/var/lib/cvs/ss.com
When I try to add cvs location to eclipse it appends CVSROOT by default.
If I specify location as /var/lib/cvs/ss.com/CVSROOT I get an error that
no such repository: /var/lib/cvs/ss.com/CVSROOT/CVSROOT

Now looks like eclipse is trying to create a directory
/var/lib/cvs/ss.com/EasySched. Should it be
/var/lib/cvs/ss.com/CVSROOT/EasySched ?
Is it something on cvs server configuration ?

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