[ale] OT: One-time use digital cameras

zeb n4zm at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 15 22:26:05 EST 2004

On Sunday 15 February 2004 02:35 pm, Dan Lambert wrote:
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Let me reccommend the Sony DCS717.  It has a Zeiss Vario Sonnar lens, 
f 2.0, focal length 0.38-199 mm (35 mm equivalent), 5 MegaPix, film 
speeds to ISO 800, multiple exposure modes (auto, aperture priority, 
shutter priority, full manual), macro ability.  I have had one about 
9 months and like it.  Does 8X10 prints very acceptably.  Glad to 
show you a print.  Available through the net for about $600 u0.

Regards,  Zeb

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