[ale] gkrellm and cpu temp / fan speed

Sergio Chaves sergio at turbocorp.com
Thu Feb 12 07:49:58 EST 2004

What distro?

On rpm based distros -> rpm -qa lmsensor
                                        -> locate lmsensor
Make sure your database is updated -> updatedb (as root)

Or you can try -> find / -name lmsensor -print (also as root)

Check this site, lots of info for what you want: 

You are welcome.

Trey Sizemore wrote:

>I've got a motherboard that shows cpu temp and fan speed with the bios. 
>I want this to appear in gkrellm, but have not found a plugin that
>supports it.  I understand I need to have lmsensors installed.  How do I
>know if it is, and what else needs to be done to get the info to appear
>in gkrellm?

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