[ale] [LONG] Bad News for Microsoft

fgz fzamenski at voyager.net
Wed Feb 11 22:23:05 EST 2004

> I just received this and thought I would pass it on for your 
>   I'm sorry for the length - it doesn't seem to be posted on their 
> website, and I had trouble figuring out what I might cut.
> (Here's hoping my mail client will de-html-ify it for me like it is 
> supposed to -)
>   Michael's Minute: Lindows.com Wins Two Big Rulings
>   Many of you have told me you were planning on attending our trial 
> Seattle versus Microsoft in just 3 short weeks. Lindows.com was well 
> prepared to put on a mountain of evidence (some of which you all 
> us gather) to demonstrate that Microsoft did not invent the word 
> 'windows'. Magazines, dictionaries, testimony, and competitors 
> show that it was widely used before Microsoft selected it as part of 
> their product name. In fact, that widespread use throughout the 
> computer industry was exactly why Microsoft chose it. But you'll want 
> to cancel your travel plans thanks to a new development.

This is all I saw of it.

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