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Absolutely - well 40% of what ? ha-ha anyway I think people should do what
makes them happy ... money or security will follow. Money is nice but once
your standard of living increases - it's gone - right?

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> On Feb 11, 2004, at 6:40 PM, Greg Freemyer wrote:
> > On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 09:36, Jerald Sheets wrote:
> >> Hey folks.
> >>
> >> Philosophical question for you...
> >>
> >> If you were offered 40% more a year to do the work of an applications
> >> admin (i.e. no root access), would you take it?
> >>
> >> i told a recruiter that money wasn't really important in the relo I'm
> >> trying to accomplish and then he came back with a high enough number i
> >> can't ignore him.
> >>
> >> so that's the question, would *you* give up root access for a pile of
> >> cash?
> > It seems to be the way of the future for big companies.
> >
> > One of the guys who works for my company is permanently at a large
> > customer doing application/OS support.  He will be losing
> > root/administrator access to all servers in the data center (DC).
> >
> > Instead trouble tickets and "shadow" sessions will be used anytime he
> > needs to do root level activities.  And the sessions have to be very
> > short because they are hard to come by.
> >
> > The bad part is that the IT staff is really not that knowledgable, so
> > he
> > will now have to have a test machine in the lab to work out all his
> > admin procedures on.
> I think that this is really the bigger question... not if one has root,
> but the abilities of those who do have root access, and those who
> don't. Being of the anti-root persuasion, I don't think that anybody
> *should* have root, unless they're physically at console (yes, you
> *can* do just about anything but add hardware without root).
> Of course, if one doesn't have the ability to reasonably do their job
> without having root access, that's a problem, but almost all sysad,
> programming, dba, (etc. etc.) tasks simply don't require it. sudo will
> suffice for the very rare tool/program that is needed (in most cases).
> -Bop
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