[ale] Philosophical question

Greg Freemyer freemyer-ml at NorcrossGroup.com
Wed Feb 11 18:43:37 EST 2004

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 09:36, Jerald Sheets wrote:
> Hey folks.  
> Philosophical question for you...
> If you were offered 40% more a year to do the work of an applications
> admin (i.e. no root access), would you take it?
> i told a recruiter that money wasn't really important in the relo I'm
> trying to accomplish and then he came back with a high enough number i
> can't ignore him. 
> so that's the question, would *you* give up root access for a pile of
> cash?
It seems to be the way of the future for big companies.

One of the guys who works for my company is permanently at a large
customer doing application/OS support.  He will be losing
root/administrator access to all servers in the data center (DC).

Instead trouble tickets and "shadow" sessions will be used anytime he
needs to do root level activities.  And the sessions have to be very
short because they are hard to come by.

The bad part is that the IT staff is really not that knowledgable, so he
will now have to have a test machine in the lab to work out all his
admin procedures on.

That means there are now a minimum of 4 machines to do anything, and
that does not count multi-tiering: (lab, devel in DC, staging in DC,
production in DC.)  Per corp. IT rules.

So it is becoming:

1) Work & consult for non-fortune 500 companies.
2) Work for the IT dept, of a big company doing admin, but not
application admin.
3) Work for a big company doing application admin. and teaching the IT
admin his job.


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