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Preston Boyington PBoyington at polyengineering.com
Wed Feb 11 14:04:02 EST 2004

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> From: Keith Morris - IQ
> Subject: [ale] sharing an experience....debian....
>...I've always been afraid of Debian with it's infamous hell-installer, 
>but with it's new Beta installer, I decided to try it.

the "old" one was not that bad.  and you can install Debian through several
different distro's.  

> The only main difference is that I formatted / with reiserfs 
> instead of ext3 with FC1.

i have used reiserfs on different systems for years and have had no problem.

>Do many of you use Debian?

there are some of us here...  

> I will probably stick with Debian on this machine to learn about the 
> different ins-and-outs.  

careful, Debian is addictive.  some folks can't get over the fact that you
only really need to do an install once.  after that you just "apt-get" for
any and all updates.

>I absolutely *love* apt-get for debian.  I have used it with rpms on 
>redhat, but it seems better with debs...dunno...

i would think it would be a native environment type of issue.  yes you can
make rpms work with apt-get, but it was built with debs in mind.  opinion
and probably flawed (skewed?).

preston (who hasn't had time to play with his Sid machine...)

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