[ale] SuSe and Scrollwheel

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Wed Feb 11 11:59:23 EST 2004

Adam Levenstein wrote:
> --- Geoffrey <esoteric at 3times25.net> wrote:
>>I've got to kinda wonder what in the world one would need so many 
>>buttons on a mouse for.  I'm waiting for the first qwerty mouse...
> It's what I've got on my mouse (I also have the Intellimouse). It's
> great. You have the normal three (ok, five) on the top; right, left,
> scrollwheel. Then, on the side, just under the thumb, you have two
> more. Most browsers in Windows (IE, Mozilla, Opera) have them mapped to
> the "forward" and "back" buttons. It sounds over-the-top when you hear
> it, but it's great for browsing and quickly becomes addictive.

I'm trying to figure out why someone hasn't come up with a mouse with 
two wheels, which basically gives you the equivalent of 6 buttons.

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