[ale] Need quick REGEXP help

Yu, Jerry jerry.yu at Voicecom.com
Tue Feb 10 13:40:55 EST 2004

 if ( $input =~ /^\d+$/  and $input >= 1 and $input <= 999 ) {
    print "valid input ($input)\n";
} else { print "please retry your input\n" }

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Subject: [ale] Need quick REGEXP help

Any REGEXrs lsitening? 

Match 1 thru 999 
Whole numbers 
Not 0 
Not 1000 

1 thru 999 

russell.hogg at opm.gov 

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On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, BruceG wrote: 

> Hey all, 
>       Has anyone on this list messed with the Zebra project? I have been 
> thinking about picking up a few Cisco 25xx routers for testing 
> (already have ccna/ccda 
> - want to get ccnp/ccdp) - and thought that Zebra would be cool in the
> Basically, it does RIPV1, IPV2, OSPF and BGP4 routing, and the command set

> looks awfully similar to the Cisco IOS command set. 
>       Anyway - anyone play with that? Any experience? Good, bad, 
> indifferent? 

We used it to distribute OSPF routes to several network devices. Works

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