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James Taylor James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com
Mon Feb 9 12:19:37 EST 2004

Have you looked at NetMail from Novell?  It is fairly low cost, runs on
linux and I believe it will meet your requirements.  If you're
interested, I can get you an eval copy for your testing.

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>>> ale at codex.org 2/9/2004 9:58:22 AM >>>

If only it were that simple. When I posted the first question I forgot

to mention a couple of key items.

1. Access to shared and local addressbooks is prefered.
2. They want to continue to be able to use antivirus on the mail
3. They are cheap, so the less costly the better.
4. Needs to be mostly transparent to the end user.

I have looked at a couple of the programs/products that others on this

list have recommended. So far however, it seems that everyone wants you

to lay out at least 3 grand for a complete solution. If worse comes to

worse I will opt for the second option that we are looking at using.

Mail server running - postfix or sendmail as an MTA.
IMAP over ssl for accessing mail.
Horde web interface for checking mail remotely.

Still do not know how I would handle a shared address book ( ie to hold

employee email addresses ) but this would be a step in the direction we

want to take.

Sorry about not giving this information in the original message.

Eric VanWieren

Bob Toxen wrote:

>On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 07:58:15PM -0500, Geoffrey wrote:
>>Eric VanWieren wrote:
>>>Hello all,
>>>At work we are looking at getting off of Microsoft Exchange server.
>>>are trying to come up with other options to exchange and I was
>>>if anyone has had any experience with this in the past. So if anyone
>>>any ideas or comments on this migration.
>>Check out SuSE's Openexchange server.  I've not used it, just read
about it.
>I've heard good things about it too.  It's not free but its supposed
to be
>cheaper and better than Microsoft Exchange.
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