[ale] Any idea of if this is any good?

Dow Hurst dhurst at kennesaw.edu
Mon Feb 9 10:48:42 EST 2004

It was the Epia M10000 I was thinking of.

Dow Hurst wrote:
> I was just reading about the VIA micro motherboards reviewed in Linux 
> Format January edition.  The Celeron CPU has an FPU engine builtin now 
> and SSE instructions.  The reviewers opinion was that the chip was much 
> closer in capability to a P4 or XP chip.  I don't have the magazine to 
> give the exact model.  IIRC, it was a ?10000 model, either C or M?
> Anyway, if you get the rebate back this deal you've given the link for 
> is really nice.  The article also mentioned that VIA is working to 
> support it's motherboards with Linux drivers.  At least the chipsets are 
> given for the Northbridge and Southbridge so you can look for support 
> under your distro.
> Dow
> Robert L. Harris wrote:
>> I'm thinking of getting 2 of these to build out for my kids.  I don't
>> know this processors.  Are they any good for low end Windows/Linux
>> boxes?
>> http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=146907&Sku=S452-1001&Tab=2 
>> :wq!
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