[ale] Migrating from Exchange

Jonathan Glass jonathan.glass at ibb.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 9 10:07:45 EST 2004

Eric VanWieren wrote:

> Hmm,
> If only it were that simple. When I posted the first question I forgot 
> to mention a couple of key items.
> 1. Access to shared and local addressbooks is prefered.
> 2. They want to continue to be able to use antivirus on the mail server.
> 3. They are cheap, so the less costly the better.
> 4. Needs to be mostly transparent to the end user.
> I have looked at a couple of the programs/products that others on this 
> list have recommended. So far however, it seems that everyone wants 
> you to lay out at least 3 grand for a complete solution. If worse 
> comes to worse I will opt for the second option that we are looking at 
> using.
> Mail server running - postfix or sendmail as an MTA.
> IMAP over ssl for accessing mail.
> Horde web interface for checking mail remotely.
> Still do not know how I would handle a shared address book ( ie to 
> hold employee email addresses ) but this would be a step in the 
> direction we want to take.
> Sorry about not giving this information in the original message.
> Eric VanWieren

Someone slap me if I'm wrong, but can't you use an LDAP server for a 
company address book?  I'm looking into LDAP for authentication, and it 
allows you to specify very granular access controls for records.  Surely 
you could create a group of records that everyone in the ORG has 
read/write access (is that the goal?).


Jonathan Glass

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