[ale] morning RAID problems.

John Cole JohnC at LGEFCU.org
Mon Feb 9 09:30:19 EST 2004

Yes I have mdadm installed.


raiddev /dev/md1
	raid-level	1
	nr-raid-disks	2
	nr-spare-disks	0
	chunk-size	4
	persistent-superblock	1
	device	/dev/hde1
	raid-disk	0
	device	/dev/hdf1
	raid-disk	1

Should I rename /etc/raidtab and see if mdadm will work by itself?


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cat your /etc/raidtab.  Also, I'd change both hde1 and hdf1 to type "fd"
which is raid autodetect.  Do you have "mdadm" installed?  It's the
sucessor to raidtools and is MUCH better.

Thus spake John Cole (JohnC at LGEFCU.org):

> Howdy!
> :)  I meant /dev/hde1 and /dev/hdf1
> Dev		Boot	Start	End		Blocks	ID	System
> /dev/hde1	*	1	116358	58644400+	83	Linux
> /dev/hdf1	*	1	116358	58644400+	83	Linux
> In actuality, /dev/hde is a new 60GB drive.  /dev/hdf1 is a 50 or 55 GB
> drive (don't remember how it got that odd size but it's a few years old.)
> Thanks,
> John
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