[ale] SLIMPC 1.7 GHz Celeron system non upgradeable - anyone bought one of these?

Van L. Loggins vloggins at turbocorp.com
Mon Feb 9 09:18:42 EST 2004

I bought one of thse to play around with, I am waiting on it to be shipped to me.


has anyone on the ALE mailing list bought one of these units. 

If so what is your impression of the unit, is there anyway to upgrade it and put a network card in it?

If I can figure out a way to put a Network card into one of them I'll be set with a good inexpensive system that I can possibly use as a Linux terminal using the K12.org distro.

Thanks for the info in advance,


Van Loggins        vloggins at turbocorp.com
Assistant System Administrator - ESC Dept
Linux User #316727
Turbo Logistics

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