[ale] sco blew its brains out

Joe Knapka jknapka at kneuro.net
Sat Feb 7 22:30:14 EST 2004

Stephen Turner <artic_knight at yahoo.com> writes:

> how can sco marketing possibly have allowed sco to do this stuff? sco has
> now been forced to reveal the code that was infringed uppon BEFORE it can
> proceede to court! they have to show what the issue is at the hearing.
> that upsets them no doubt cause now they have to find something to burn
> linux with. but inevitably what the hell was going through their heads
> when they started this? even if they got a one lump sum they had to
> realize that would be the worst option! and the fact that they are more
> expensive than windoze? how does this add up? got bills to pay? prez of
> company wants to run away to bahamas with the cash? lawer was bored and
> needed something to do?

MHO: SCO is a stalking horse for Microsoft. It's not about SCO
making money, or even surviving; rather, it's about the fact
that every potential client that gets scared away from Linux
and open-source by the SCO BS is a de facto sale for M$.

-- Joe Knapka

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