[ale] sco blew its brains out

Stephen Turner artic_knight at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 21:47:02 EST 2004

how can sco marketing possibly have allowed sco to do this stuff? sco has
now been forced to reveal the code that was infringed uppon BEFORE it can
proceede to court! they have to show what the issue is at the hearing.
that upsets them no doubt cause now they have to find something to burn
linux with. but inevitably what the hell was going through their heads
when they started this? even if they got a one lump sum they had to
realize that would be the worst option! and the fact that they are more
expensive than windoze? how does this add up? got bills to pay? prez of
company wants to run away to bahamas with the cash? lawer was bored and
needed something to do?

::: common sense? does it come with a manual?:::

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