[ale] XFree Problems

Cory T. Echols ctechols at mindspring.com
Sat Feb 7 16:20:11 EST 2004

On 02/07, Kevin O'Neill Stoll wrote:
> If I let the bootstrap run though runlevel 5, I get no display at all.
> I changed to runlevel 3 from grub, logged in and then issued startx,
> it worked! So I figure, what the hey now let's try to go from boot
> straight through to X windows, no luck...

If startx works, I'd rule out an X configuration problem.  The next
candidate is gdm -- the gnome display manager.  It's logs should be in
/var/log/gdm.  Perhaps there's a helpful error message in there.

Cory T. Echols
ctechols at mindspring.com

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