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Thu Feb 5 22:04:24 EST 2004

> "Internet voting presents far too many opportunities for hackers or even 
> terrorists to interfere with fair and accurate voting, potentially in ways 
> impossible to detect," the experts said in a statement Jan. 21. "Such 
> tampering could alter election results, particularly in close contests."
> Seeing this simply stated in the mainstream media is good news, even if the 
> military is being so stubbornly ignorant that they are still considering 
> implementing some form of internet voting.
> peace
> aaron

That's precisely why I posted it. Seeing it is a "good sign" for that reason, 
or it could be a "bad sign" that it will give voting systems a reason to "go 
back" to the way it was before (for years to come).
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown

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