[ale] SCP problem

David Corbin dcorbin at machturtle.com
Thu Feb 5 19:45:37 EST 2004

I have a RedHat Linux system that I can ssh to.  However, I'm having 
problems with scp.  I'm trying to scp from a Windows box using cygwin, 
however, no file is copied.  scp returns a "1" (I think).  There are no 
errors display.  When I run with -v -v, I still see nothing that looks 
terribly helpful, other than this confirmation that it's not doing anything:
debug1: Transferred: stdin 0, stdout 0, stderr 0 bytes in 0.2 seconds
debug1: Bytes per second: stdin 0.0, stdout 0.0, stderr 0.0

If I try to copy a file FROM the Linux box, scp hangs
debug2: channel 0: write failed
debug2: channel 0: close_write
debug2: channel 0: output open -> closed
Sending file modes: C0600 12543 .bash_history
debug2: channel 0: written 46 to efd 6

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

David Corbin

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