[ale] Need an off the shelf linux recommendation

Louis Zamora louiszamora at speedfactory.net
Wed Feb 4 13:50:08 EST 2004

I am in LA and have come across a Mortgage Office, 30+ wireless laptops, peer to peer to 1 Win98 acting as a fileserver without backups or firewall. 
When I asked what happens if the Win98 fails, they said they'd be out of business. I knew Disaster Recovery was not in their vocabulary. 
So I want to offer them an off the shelf fileserver, with SMB, PDC and some redundancy (even if its just another like server mirroring).
My question to the group is what should I recommend? Is Cobalt still my best bet or is there something else I should look at? Who works well with small fry like me?

If anyone has some offline ideas and would like to call, please do.



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