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Joe Knapka jknapka at kneuro.net
Wed Feb 4 11:10:19 EST 2004

Dow Hurst <dhurst at kennesaw.edu> writes:

> Are there any projects that are working on combining some of the fancy
> new video compression codes that have become available with software
> like TightVNC?  I know SGI has a product for sale with low bandwidth
> low latency remote desktop capability so any OS can display a remote
> desktop/app from a highend server.  It's called Vis-server
> or something along that line.  Purported to allow anyone to view
> remotely apps/data output from anywhere on anymachine. I believe they
> are using some fancy compression scheme to move just enough data to
> show the changes on the remotely displayed desktop or application.

Even the standard version of VNC from realvnc.com does this already,
and uses a reasonably small encoding. I find RealVNC over my 100Kbps
IPsec-over-DSL VPN to be perfectly adequate for most things. TightVNC
uses a much more aggressive (and lossy) compression
algorithm. Personally, I find TightVNC to be barely-usable, because
the display artifacts resulting from the lossy compression are
distracting to me. OTOH it does make VNC connections over 24K dialup
links "barely-usable" rather than "completely unbearable".

Another problem I've had with TightVNC is that it uses up enough
CPU time (on an 800Mhz P3) to significantly affect the timing
characteristics of other apps running on the system.

(It may sound like I'm dissing VNC, but I use it all the time,
and I mostly like it just fine. When you use *anything* a lot,
the flaws start to bug you more.)


-- Joe Knapka

> I've heard a good review of the software but was wondering if any
> project was working on this for Open Source.
> Dow
> Sigmascape1 at cs.com wrote:
> > Hello!
> > Does anyone have experience using TightVNC on Linux? I have used it
> > on a Windows system, and it is very easy to use. Thanks!
> > Mitch Featherston
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