[ale] OT: SB 340 (Electronic Voting Bill) up for discussion

Charles Shapiro cshapiro at nubridges.com
Wed Feb 4 09:13:11 EST 2004

A good opportunity for some political activism, if you can make it.
This bill is designed to force the Georgia Election Commission to use
electronic voting machines which provide a voter-verified paper trail.
See http://www.legis.state.ga.us/legis/2003_04/search/sb340.htm for the
text of the bill.

-- CHS

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> From: Ginny Howard <missginny_h at hotmail.com>
> To: cshapiro at numethods.com
> Subject: SB 340 up for discussion
> Date: 03 Feb 2004 23:02:07 -0500
> Dear Charles,
> This is late-breaking news:
> "Senate Bill 340 (Electronic Voting Bill) will come up for discussion by the 
> Senate Ethics Committee on Wednesday, February 4, 2004 at the Capitol at 
> 3:30 p.m.  The senator handling the bill is Senator Crotts.  Please come 
> down or send supporters to the Capitol and show your support for this bill."
> Do you know anyone with a flex schedule who might be able to attend? We need 
> to fill the room if possible so legislators get the idea that this is 
> something they might have to deal with.
> Ginny
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