[ale] I bought Libranet 2.8.1 yesterday. One word, awesome!!

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Ray Knight wrote:

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> On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 07:34, Van L. Loggins wrote:
> > The installer program is 100% better than the one that debian uses also.
> Everyone disses the debian install program.  But remember essentially
> the same install program runs on every architecture debian supports
> including at least x86 PCs, m68k Macs, Amigas, Ataris, PPC Macs, Sparcs,
> and SGI Indys to name just a few.  Try to name one other distribution
> that supports more than 2 architectures.

Other than ease of use, I have no complaints with Debian's installer. It's very functional and very powerful, but you do have to admit, it is not the easiest installer in the world to have to deal with.

Libranet 2.8.1 gives me all of that awesome Debian goodness, but without having to deal with the standard debian installer.

Debian was the first linux distro that I ever tried. The version I used was the version that came with the Rebel OS issue back in 1997 (I think, not exactly sure on the date). This version was like version 0.97 or something like that. I know it predated KDE, Gnome, Apt-get and a lot of the stuff that makes Linux so awesome today. It was still very usable though for that day and time.

The installer for it was very hard to figure out and I screwed up more times with my choices than I really care to admit to.

To me it hasn't gotten much easier to use comparatively.

As a friend once said, Debian's installer hasn't changed much because the average Debian Linux user only has to install their system once. After that they just use apt-get dist-upgrade. Out of sight out of mind.

just my .02 cents on the subject. Thanks for responding to my post, I always enjoy a good discussion about Linux.

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